• "We installed maple wood flooring in our new home. We were glad we chose this type of wood for the durability and beauty of it. The clear finish stain that we selected brought out the natural grain of the wood. FishSticks made it easy for us and they were great to work with. They had good advice and knowledge about the wood products and made our decision easy. Thanks to FishSticks, we have beautiful wood floors that enhance the beauty of our overall home."  -Kris Stewart
  • "FishSticks Millwork was great to work with on our kitchen project. Ben and David supplied us with the Hickory hardwood to make our kitchen cabinets and were extremely helpful. I had to make multiple trips to get more wood as the project grew, and the guys always made time to get me what I needed. FishSticks also sold us our beautiful walnut flooring. After having the beauty of real wood I could never have the fake stuff again. The flooring was machined so well there wasn't much sanding, and it went down faster then I had anticipated. Great people to work with, and great products!"  -Beau Jorgensen
  • "A perfect union! With my idea and FishSticks input the end result was a remarkable work of function, design, durability, and beauty. I have another large project in the works and cannot wait to see how FishSticks delivers."  -Dave Farris, Cypress Lounge Cedar Falls
  • “The oak floor for our altar platform is just awesome! I can't think of a better base for our altar to be set upon. It is just beautiful. Thank you so much."  -St. Mary Parish Waverly
  • "We simply love our Hickory floor on our porch, so much so that I am considering taking up the laminate flooring in our living and dining area that we put in several years ago. If we had only known then what we could have done! The real Hickory has the knot, shading, and swirling that gives it true character.”  -Jerry Rikers
  • "Spring 2008 installed Hickory flooring from Fishsticks, good quality flooring! Easy to install, I like the tongue and groove set up! Fits tight. I installed it in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallway. I made my own thresholds as well. Great product and easy to work with."  -Craig Marsh

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