• "Select Red Oak installed in the summer of 2008. I really like it. Have had lots of compliments on it from lots of people. Blend's in well with our remodeled kitchen."  -Jim Beninga
  • "Our Red Oak floor turned out great. We love the look and transition it made for our remodeling project."  -Mike Williams
  • "Love my Hickory floor and the customer service was great."  -Tori Schwab
  • "I have installed well over 26,000 square feet of Ash, Maple, Oak, and Hickory flooring made by Fishsticks Millwork. What i like about using them is that they are local and able to supply what i need on time no matter how big the job. Some of the other benefits to using Fishsticks is they are able to give me longer lengths of flooring saving installation time and giving a much better looking floor. They are always willing to meet with my customers and explain their products unlike going to a store and talking to a sales person who is only selling someone else's product. Being local also saves on lead time and shipping cost. I had one job that required three bids for clear Hard Maple with a minimum board length of 10 feet, Fishsticks ended up being the only place that could meet the requirements and was also under the budgeted price the customer had figured on. I know that I and all of my customers will always be happy with their product." -Tony French, French Construction
  • "Put 2 1/4 Red Oak Flooring in kitchen expansion. The flooring blended in with the existing flooring really well." -Gary Papenheim

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