What Fishsticks has to offer...
  • Tongue and Groove Flooring
  • Moulding (from baseboard to crown)
  • Counter Tops
  • Bar Tops
  • Fireplace Mantels
  • Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Custom Wood Parts
  • Large Wood Slabs
FishSticks has the capability of creating some very unique environments through the production of wood slabs. We can produce very large slabs of wood up to 8 inches thick, 48 inches wide, and 22 feet long, given we find the right tree. These slabs provide for a rustic feel in a bar or game room. We have incorporated these slabs into fireplace mantels, bar tops, counters, built-in bench style seating, tabletops and anything else you could imagine of.

Our pricing is based on cost per board foot and number of processes required to produce a particular item. All of our covering products, such as flooring, wall and ceiling panels are priced per square foot of coverage. Our trim products are priced per linear foot. Species, dimensions and grade of lumber are the main variables.

Please contact us for quotes. Just a quick few questions and we'll have a price for you.

FishSticks Millwork, LLC
7910 Winslow Road
Janesville, Iowa 50647
(319) 987-3091