About Us

FishSticks Millwork, LLC was founded in 2003 and is located on the Shell Rock River between Janesville and Finchford Iowa. We specialize in custom wood building products for the people who prefer a unique look, as opposed to average run-of-the-mill lumber yard and home improvement center products.

At FishSticks, we buy, convert, and dry midwestern hardwood and softwood logs for our products. FishSticks is unique because our process starts at the milling of the log. We saw logs with the end product in mind. This greatly reduces waste making our pricing very competitive. Being a local manufacturer, we can be extremely flexible in getting exactly what you require to your job-site on time. We make those little forgotten items much less of a headache.

Count on an one of a kind, custom look all your own!
FishSticks Millwork, LLC
7910 Winslow Road
Janesville, Iowa 50647
(319) 987-3091